Pray for Us

Who can still ignore the power of the prayer ?! It makes us more serene and gives energy and optimism is the difficult times. Join us in thought, and send your prayers for our members and children.

We need them and we will be very thankful !


If you're unable to provide financial support or volunteer with us, you can still make a difference by spreading the word about our activities and services.

Please share our website, Facebook page, and Instagram account with your contacts. By doing so, you're showing your support for us and endorsing our mission. Thank you for helping us make a positive impact!


Consider initiating an online fundraising campaign to support our association. Whether you're a school, university, Boy/Girl Scouts group, or an individual with a heart for helping, you can help us by launching a digital fundraising campaign and promoting it in your community.

Travel with our main sponsor

If you plan a trip to São Tomé, consider contacting our main sponsor, Paradise Tours travel agency, to organize excursions and various activities. If you're seeking a worry-free, fun-filled experience, explore their packages here (soon available).

Paradise Tours works closely with local guides and provides practical training and internships for young adults in our association, offering activities like beachside lunches, dolphin boat tours, snorkeling, family hikes, and adventurous treks.

During times when our budget is tight (which still occurs until we launch our fundraising campaign), we depend solely on their sponsorship. Thus, a significant portion of their proceeds directly supports CACAE Association. By traveling with them, you not only enjoy a fantastic travel experience but also contribute to our association's livelihood.

Moreover, if you contact them on our behalf, you'll be treated as special guests!