The local education system is saturated

Public schools are under funded and lack resources. There are not enough teachers and their wages are too low. Schools lack teaching materials and a large number of classrooms need to be renovated and refurbished.

In primary schools, some classes can reach up to 45 children. And up to 60 students in Junior High School. The National High School has 6.000 students. In some classes, the teacher ask the parents to bring tables and chairs !



The school infrastructure system has not anticipated the recent growth in population nor built new schools. Now, most schools organize time-sharing teaching. The same classroom is used for one class in the morning (7:30 am until noon) and for another class in the afternoon (12:30 until 5:30 pm).

There are many private schools but most people cannot afford the monthly fees. In our Association, we sponsor two children to send them to a private school : the monthly fee is 12 euros. A third teen will join them in September 2020.

The first time that we helped a kid from our neighborhood was for his school transportation.  His family could not afford to pay the 8 euros per month transportation fee.

For us, this seemed completely unbelievable, but for this hearing impaired boy, this was the sad reality. He could not go to school because of 8 euros per month. It is while we finally arranged transportation for this boy that we realized we could do a lot with little means.

Education is the only long term key.

Mastering basic reading, writing and math skills is a necessary base for these children to become active citizens of their country.