Volunteering is one of the most effective ways to support a charitable organization.

By volunteering, we provide you with an opportunity to re-engage with others and contribute your energy and skills in a meaningful manner!

Sartre was mistaken—paradise lies in the genuine, friendly, and honest exchange of moments with others. It’s about simply being present and sharing with one another, without any ulterior motive.

There’s nothing more beautiful than the gift of oneself. Your energy and knowledge will be invaluable and deeply appreciated.

In the initial years of our program, numerous travelers set aside half a day from their journey to ‘meet and teach the kids.’ Some volunteers even extended their stay, offering their assistance for longer periods of time.



In 2023, we welcomed Lucas, an American student residing in Portugal, into our midst, and he spent three enriching weeks with us. During his stay, Lucas demonstrated remarkable initiative by securing funds and procuring boxing equipment. Moreover, he actively contributed to the preparations for the annual ceremony of our capoeira club, where students advance in their ranks and receive colored ropes, fostering numerous friendships along the way.

Inspired by their newfound camaraderie, Lucas and his friends embarked on a creative endeavor, producing a video clip for a musical composition by the eldest beneficiaries of our association. This collaborative effort culminated in the submission of their work to the São Tomé Film Festival. We eagerly anticipate the results, which are slated to be announced in Autumn 2024.


In the fall of 2024, we were fortunate to host a warm-hearted Portuguese couple eager to lend a hand. Prior to their journey to São Tomé, they diligently reached out to numerous institutions and soccer clubs, successfully amassing a suitcase brimming with equipment!

From soccer balls and jerseys to chess sets and tennis balls, their thoughtful provisions enriched our community. We orchestrated a formal gathering with the beneficiaries, and the atmosphere was one of sheer delight and gratitude.

Thank you Raquel and Fabio !


  1. – A French architect instructs on drawing perspectives and the basics of 3D modeling.
  2. – An American traveler provides lessons in basic English language proficiency.
  3. – A Swedish couple teaches fundamental Swedish language skills followed by chess sessions.
  4. – A French volunteer leads a three-week mathematics program.
  5. – A Dutch honeymooning couple introduces participants to the world of music.
  6. – A Chinese lady combines basic Chinese language lessons with piano accompaniment.
  7. – A French volunteer coordinates bamboo woodcraft activities.
  8. – A Santomean volunteer organizes theater classes and guides the creation of small plays.
  9. – A Portuguese volunteer offers instruction on the fundamentals of movie-making.-
  10. – A French traveler shares the art of crafting French pancakes.
  11. – A Santomean friend imparts the basics of Taekwondo.
  12. – A Russian traveler accompanies teenagers to the summit of São Tomé.
  13. – An American traveler donates skateboards and tools to a local surf club.
  14. – A Ghanaian couple opens up seats on their boat for children to view dolphins.
  15. – A South African solo traveler invites participation in a gastronomic lunch experience.
  16. – A French couple drops by for coffee and gifts chessboards to the children.
  17. – A Portuguese chess referee joins for lunch and engages in friendly games.
  18. – A Swedish and Portuguese 14 y.o student collected clothes for girls and handed them over when visiting São Tomé with her family.


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