We provide a wide range of other supports whenever they are requested and justified.  In most case, we make sure the motivations are correct, and we try to help  to a certain degree, where they have to match with our effort.


  • We take 100% in charge the private school fees for one boy in 5th grade (motivated but late..) whose mother went to Portugal (he now lives with his grand mother)
  • Uniform, notebooks, pencils etc… for a dozen of kids from the association and neighborhood
  • Schoolbag, notebook and pencils for kids from another neighborhood (smart enough to ask us !)
  • Monthly transportation card for student living in a remote area
sao tome cacae school support
sao tome cacae school support


  • Support to buy plane ticket to Portugal for a very old and poor man so he could get his pension and medical treatment (the case was introduced by our friend Clotilde from São Tomé).
  • Support to get a Visa to Portugal for a Chess teacher (in progress)
  • Support to buy plane ticket to Europe for the father of one of our beneficiaries
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  • Transportation and financial support to make ID for children (mandatory in 6th grade)
  • Same service for renewal of expired documents
  • Packages of food and hygiene products for families in great difficulties (no man home, disabled mother, young children in school and the only son working to support his family).
  • Christmas presents for local kids belonging to another neighborhood
  • Bicycle for kids  passing grades (when highly motivated and when the association financial condition enables).
sao tome cacae school support
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